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Help Our Foundation 

There are many homeless and abandoned animals each year that we find a home for through our foundation, can you help us?


Huellitas Cacadas del Cielo and the volunteers who work there every day, thank you for your financial support. We greatly appreciate your donation to help these creatures who deserve the opportunity to live with dignity, with respect, health, and above all, LOVE.


Thanks to the constant support of donors like you, we can continue our voluntary work to minimize the current overpopulation on our island, of animals in the streets. With this, we cure, sterilize or neuter, vaccinate these creatures to achieve their 4 Ever Home (Home forever). We are also committed to helping other organizations with their cases and providing financial support and easing the burden a bit.


No donation is small, so we ask that you consider your monthly donation in order to continue helping these creatures and supporting our rescue friends. You can make your donation just by pressing the DONATE button. You can make the contribution you want, just let us know, we will send you a form to complete and we will send you a reminder with your commitment, up to $ 1.00 can make a difference. Together we can do the difference. All our work is voluntary and we are committed to alleviating the situation these creatures go through by giving them love, food, medicine, and quality of life, in order to stop their suffering and take them off the streets. We do not believe in the misnamed euthanasia, we believe in sterilization, neutering, and education campaigns.


If you want to donate food please let us know to coordinate the collection, in the same way, we collect cans to raise funds, no help is small.


Other options to donate


ATH Móvil:  787-460-7414

By Mail:   RR  2 bOX 4669 Toa Alta PR 00953

By Draft at First Bank:  #3608000451

Direct to Veterinary Clinic:  787-626-5378

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