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About Us?

Huellitas Caídas del Cielo

We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving animals that are found in the streets of Puerto Rico that are abandoned to their fate every year. We rescue mostly abandoned dogs and cats, some facing euthanasia, due to overcrowding in our shelters and sanctuaries around the island. All these animals are sterilized and neutered, vaccinated, given treatments in case of diseases, and placed for adoption within Puerto Rico and we also have a shipping program outside of Puerto Rico that helps us alleviate this great problem.


We have managed to save many lives, but the problem continues, so our goal is to EDUCATE a new generation that learns to Love, Respect, and Know about animal life. STERILIZATION, CASTRATION, VACCINATION, AND EDUCATION are the key to eradicating the great problem of the more than 100,000 animals abandoned on the streets.


We need hands willing to help, giving Temporary Home (See our HT Program) while they are prepared for adoption or shipment, Food donations to help the hundreds of rescuers who have feeding routes since they do not have the resources to get them out of the streets, donations of money to be able to continue our work of taking them to veterinarians and paying for their trips outside of Puerto Rico, basic necessities among others.



To make your donation:


🐾 ATH Mobile: 787-460-7414

🐾 Paypal: (Click here to donate in Paypal)

🐾 First Bank PR # 3608000451

🐾 By mail: H.C.D.C. RR-2 Box 4669, Toa Alta PR 00953

🐾 Directly to the clinic with a credit card call 787-979-0071


No Donation is small!!! 🐶🐱

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