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Temporary Homes 

Huellitas Caidas del Cielo does not have physical facilities to house the rescued animals in our streets. As they prepare to give them up for adoption and / or travel outside of Puerto Rico, the work of temporary homes is essential to save lives. There is no use rescuing an animal from the street if we have nowhere to keep it while the necessary care is provided.


What is a Foster Home?


Keep a rescued animal in your home, in the warmth of your family. The time you are going to take care of it depends on your possibilities. It can be from several days to several weeks. The time is established by the family, in the assurance that the animal will not be in the home more than the established time. We have volunteers who have already had animals in their homes and have never been left with any. With this program, you have the advantage that if you have wanted to have a pet but recognize that you have some inconvenience to have it in the long term, this is the opportunity to share with one, with the peace of mind of knowing that it is temporary.

While it is in your home. The animal will receive all the veterinary care, from medicines, vaccines and spay and neuter at no cost to you. HCDC is responsible for the expenses. You will give him a roof, water, food and a lot of love.

What do you need? You have to have a safe environment to care for and protect the little animal that you will be housing and especially love and time to offer it, since although you do not have to pay veterinary expenses, you do have to take it to the appointments established for its recovery and preparation for Give it in adoption.

How many visits to the vet? For example, if it is a puppy without special problems, we are talking about five or six visits: three for vaccinations and deworming, one for neutering or spaying, and one for follow-up.



Make a difference and become a temporary home today
You can fill out your information so that we can qualify you as a temporary home for these creatures. We will send you a form to complete and remember that we will have to visit your home to qualify. If qualified, you will be given a temporary home contract with the responsibilities of both the home and ours.


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